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32" - 70" Tilting Screen Floor Stand

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Product Specifications

Product specifications

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Tilting Floor Stand

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Titling Floor Stand

Introducing the Tilting Digital Screen Floor Stand - the ultimate solution for showcasing your digital advertising screens in a captivating and versatile manner. This exceptional floor stand is designed to accommodate screens ranging from 32 inches all the way up to 70 inches, providing you with a wide range of display options to suit your needs. With its optimal height placement, the screen floor stand ensures that your content is showcased at the perfect eye level, maximizing customer engagement and interaction, especially for touch screens. Whether you're running a dynamic advertising campaign, delivering impactful presentations, or curating an immersive exhibition, this floor stand is your ideal partner. Crafted with durability in mind, this solid tilting screen stand features a static base for stability, and for enhanced security, it can also be easily bolted to the ground. This ensures that your valuable digital screens remain securely in place even in high-traffic environments. One of the standout features of this floor stand is its integrated cable design. No more unsightly cable clutter! With this innovative design, all cables can be discreetly hidden, providing a clean and professional appearance that enhances the visual appeal of your display. The versatility of the Tilting Digital Screen Floor Stand makes it suitable for various retail locations, art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and many more settings. Its VESA mounting pattern of 600mm x 400mm ensures compatibility with a wide range of digital screens, making it a truly versatile solution. You have the freedom to choose the display orientation that best suits your content and environment. Whether you prefer landscape or portrait mode, this floor stand can effortlessly accommodate your specific requirements, allowing you to create impactful and memorable displays.