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32" - 70" Landscape Wall Mount

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Product Specifications

Product specifications

32" - 70" Landscape Wall Mount
32" - 70" Landscape Wall Mount
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Fixed Landscape Wall Mount

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Digital Advertising Screen Wall Mount

Introducing our Digital Advertising Screen Wall Mount, a reliable and versatile solution for securely mounting a wide range of digital screens. With its standard fitting method and landscape orientation, this wall mount is perfect for screens ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches in size. Designed with industry-standard VESA fittings, our wall mount is compatible with almost all industry-standard screens. This ensures hassle-free installation and peace of mind, knowing that your digital screen will securely and seamlessly attach to the mount. The low-profile design of our wall mount allows the screen to sit neatly against the wall, creating a sleek and professional appearance. With minimal protrusion into the room, the focus remains on the captivating content displayed on the screen. We understand the importance of easy cable and electrical management. That's why our wall mount features an open design, providing convenient access for cable routing and organization. Say goodbye to tangled cords and enjoy a clean and clutter-free display. Our Digital Advertising Screen Wall Mount is specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes, from 32 inches all the way up to 70 inches. This versatility allows you to confidently mount different screens without the need for additional mounting equipment. Enhance your digital advertising with our reliable and user-friendly Digital Advertising Screen Wall Mount. Its industry-standard compatibility, low-profile design, accessible cable management, and landscape orientation make it an ideal choice for a variety of digital screen applications.