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32" - 55" Double Sided Digital Screen Ceiling Mount

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Product Specifications

Product specifications

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Back-to-Back Tilting Telescopic Ceiling Mount

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Double-Sided Telescopic Ceiling Mount

Introducing our Double-Sided Telescopic Ceiling Mount for digital screens - the ultimate solution for captivating and versatile display in high-traffic public spaces. Designed to showcase digital advertising messages, directional signage, and digital displays, this ceiling mount offers exceptional functionality and flexibility. Featuring a double-sided design, these telescopic ceiling mounts allow you to mount digital advertising screens back to back, maximizing your display potential. Each screen sits in perfect symmetry, providing a 360° visual experience that captures attention from all angles. With the ability to hold larger screens ranging from 32" up to 55", these telescopic mounts offer compatibility with a wide range of digital displays. Furthermore, the height adjustment feature allows you to customize the viewing experience, adjusting the height from 1278mm to 1778mm to suit your specific needs. One of the standout features of this ceiling mount is its integrated cable management system. Your cables will be neatly stored out of sight, maintaining a clean and professional display. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to a sleek and polished visual presentation. The versatility of the Double-Sided Telescopic Ceiling Mount makes it ideal for various applications in public spaces. Whether you need retail screen displays, airport signage, digital signage in train stations, or fast food menu displays, this mount is tailored to meet your requirements. To further enhance the viewing experience, these ceiling mounts can be tilted to suit the viewer's angle. This ensures that your content is easily visible and engaging, no matter where the viewer is located.