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32" - 70" Large Ceiling Hung Mount

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Product Specifications

Product specifications

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Tilting Telescopic Ceiling Mount

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Large Ceiling Mount

Introducing our exceptional large ceiling mount, specifically engineered to accommodate large screens ranging from 32 inches up to an impressive 70 inches. These mounts provide a robust and reliable solution for showcasing your digital advertising screen from above with confidence. Featuring a telescopic arm design, each mount offers the flexibility to position your digital screen precisely according to your needs. With an adjustable distance between 1278mm and 1778mm from the ceiling, you can effortlessly achieve the ideal height and create a captivating visual display. Our versatile Digital Screen Mounts are perfect for a wide range of settings, including retail advertising screen displays, airport signage, digital signage, train station digital displays, and fast food digital menu boards. They provide a seamless and professional solution for displaying your screen in any environment, maximizing its impact and reach. The mount allows for effortless adjustment of your screen's height and angle, ensuring you can easily achieve the perfect positioning. This ensures optimal visibility and engagement, capturing the attention of your audience in the most effective way possible from above.