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17" - 42" Digital Screen Ceiling Hung Mount

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Product Specifications

Product specifications

Mount Type

Telescopic Ceiling Mount

Mounting Pattern


Ceiling Mount

Elevate your digital advertising screen to new heights with our exceptional Telescopic Ceiling Mounts. These innovative mounts provide a convenient solution for suspending your display from the ceiling, ensuring optimal visibility and maximum impact.

Designed with versatility in mind, our Telescopic Ceiling Mounts offer adjustable positioning, allowing you to set the distance between your digital display and the ceiling. With a range of 1173mm to 1673mm, you can effortlessly achieve the perfect height and create a captivating visual experience. Perfectly suited for a variety of public spaces, these telescopic ceiling mounts are an excellent choice for retail screen displays, airport signage, digital signage, train station digital displays, and fast food menu displays. They offer a flexible solution that adapts to your specific needs, enhancing the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Whether you prefer landscape or portrait orientation, our mounts accommodate both options seamlessly. You can easily adjust the screen tilt to ensure an optimal viewing angle, ensuring that your content is presented in the most engaging and impactful manner. We understand the importance of a clean and organized setup, which is why our Telescopic Ceiling Mounts feature integrated cable management. Your cables will be neatly stored and out of sight, maintaining a sleek and professional appearance. Experience the convenience and versatility of our Telescopic Ceiling Mounts and take your digital advertising to new heights. With easy installation, adjustable positioning, and integrated cable management, these mounts provide the perfect solution for displaying your screens in a variety of public spaces. Elevate your brand presence and captivate your audience with our exceptional Telescopic Ceiling Mounts.