The Newline Ecosystem

The Newline Ecosystem

The Newline Ecosystem is a cutting-edge suite of digital tools that are installed into the Newline screens to maximise efficiency and collaboration. Each feature has a purpose to help enhance your productivity, expedite your tasks, and elevate the overall performance, which is perfect for use various workspaces. Take a look at which software, tools and apps come in the different Newline screens. 



With Newline Cast, sharing and presenting content wirelessly from any device is as easy as a single click. Whether it's a laptop, tablet, phone, or supported browser, our user-friendly technology ensures smooth connectivity. Newline Cast allows multiple presenters to effortlessly share their screens without the need for passing cables or disrupting others in the session. A dedicated app and extensive browser support enable guests to join and present seamlessly. Newline Cast enhances collaboration by providing content sharing tools. Attendees can easily exchange videos, links, and files within the app, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

Screens with the Cast Software include: Lyra, Elara, Naos+ and Vega.



Make content sharing effortless with Newline Broadcast‚ÄĒa perfect solution for large meeting rooms, lecture halls, and 1-to-1 classroom setups. With just a tap of the Broadcast button on the display's side, instantly share your large screen with your audience's small screens in real-time. No scheduling hassles or complex setups required.

Screens with the Broadcast Software include: Lyra, Elara, Naos+ and Vega.


The Newline Whiteboard application is the ultimate platform for expressing and collaborating ideas. The flexibility of Newline Whiteboard adapts to diverse needs, allowing you to collaborate and explore your creativity without constraints. With a wide array of editing tools, Newline Whiteboard empowers you to create engaging meeting minutes, brainstorming sessions, and flowcharts. Choose from various pen styles, coloured inks, sticky notes, framing designs, and background colours to enrich your meeting content.

Screens with the Whiteboard Software include: Lyra, Elara and Vega.


Classroom App Store

As a teacher, we understand the importance of having the freedom to conduct your lessons according to your preferences. To support this, Newline offers a range of non-proprietary software and tools that empower you in the classroom. The Newline App Store is a curated platform featuring a diverse selection of educational tools that continue to expand. You can start using these apps right away to enhance teaching, collaboration, and the creation of learning materials. These apps are thoroughly tested to ensure seamless compatibility with Newline interactive displays. You'll find verified apps, including Microsoft Office Applications, designed to support learners of all ages and enable productive teamwork among colleagues.

Screens with the Classroom Software include: Lyra, Elara and Vega.


Display Management 

Introducing Newline Display Management Plus, the ultimate remote display management solution that puts users in control from the convenience of their desk. With this powerful tool, you can centrally manage all your Newline displays effortlessly. Deploying and installing apps, configuring display settings, and pushing updates become a breeze with Display Management Plus, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication. You can even take over screens for technical support tasks without any limitations.

Stay connected and informed by broadcasting mass messages, remotely controlling the displays, and accessing usage data‚ÄĒall accessible with just a few clicks through a secure web portal. Designed to empower education and corporate IT administrators, Display Management Plus streamlines the process of managing and organizing Newline displays efficiently, no matter where or when you need to do it. Enjoy unprecedented convenience and control with Newline Display Management Plus.

Screens with the Display Management Software include: Lyra, Elara and Vega.


Launch Control 

Introducing Launch Control, the ultimate facilitator for seamless meetings, offering secure and effortless access to Microsoft Teams, Zoom calls, and your favourite apps right on the meeting room screen. With a simple QR-scan and touch, you can initiate any video call directly from your mobile device, making communication a breeze. Through a secure connection with your Office 365 and Google accounts, your calendar appointments are visible, enabling you to start video meetings with all your essential documents at your fingertips.

Launch Control is designed for simplicity and personalisation, providing easy, one-touch access to your Newline interactive display.ÔĽŅ

Screens with the Launch Control Software include: Lyra, Elara, Naos+ and Vega.



Your User-Friendly Interactive Teaching Tool. This comprehensive platform offers lesson creation tools and subject-specific content, empowering you to craft engaging interactive lessons effortlessly. You can seamlessly combine images, shapes, text, videos, PDFs, and PPT files into a unified application, ready to be presented on the whiteboard stage to your students. Newline Engage enables smooth import of lessons created in other whiteboard software, supporting .IWB file formats, SMART Notebook files, and Promethean Flipchart files. Now, you can make the most of your previously designed materials and enhance your teaching experience with ease.

Screens with the Engage Software include: Lyra, Elara, Naos+ and Vega.


For more information on Newline Digital Screens and the Newline Ecosystem, please contact our sales team. 

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