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UHD Signage Displays

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Size: 75"


16 Hours / 7 Days


3840 x 2160 (16:9) - UHD

Plug & Play




Internal Speakers



3 Years




Landscape or Portrait


400 cd/m²

Product Specifications

Features, Dimensions & Connectivity

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Craft an immersive visual experience with our latest Advanced Display Series, tailored for an array of applications from media centres to corporate showcases. Dive into ultra-high-definition visuals with HDR10 compatibility, ensuring each image is displayed crisply and vibrantly. Notably, our screens aren’t just about top-tier visuals. With 4K content over HDMI, experience content playback at an impressive 60Hz, setting a new industry benchmark.

Foster connectivity effortlessly with our HDMI Wakeup feature. Simply plug in or unplug an HDMI cable, and watch the display respond intuitively. Maximize user flexibility with Source Switching, permitting any source selection on startup. Plus, with in-built scheduling and failover scenarios, switch between signal sources seamlessly.

Pixel integrity is paramount. With our innovative Pixel Shifting technology activated within the SoC, say goodbye to the risk of image sticking. Pixels subtly shift at set intervals, preserving content quality without hampering the viewer's experience.

Audio performance is nothing short of spectacular. Powered by DAP (Dolby Audio Processing) Technology, our displays redefine sound clarity with intelligent audio equalizing, dialogue enhancements, and a surround sound mix.

Crafting content has never been easier. With an Embedded CMS, design and schedule your visuals with a library of ready templates. For those seeking more bespoke solutions, the SoC platform welcomes HTML-5-based applications, operable in both online and offline modes. Plus, with the Auto Launch feature, boot up any HTML5-based application link directly on startup.

Safety and security remain uncompromised. The Menu Lock feature ensures that display settings stay untouched, especially in public spaces. Mirror content effortlessly with our Wireless Display feature, negating the need for any external devices or cables. Display control is amplified, with command options available via LAN or RS232 Serial connections.

Key Features:

  • HDR10 compatibility for unmatched visual clarity
  • HDMI Wakeup for intuitive user interaction
  • Source Switching and built-in Scheduler for tailored content display
  • Pixel Shifting technology to prevent image sticking
  • Superior audio with DAP Technology
  • Embedded CMS for easy content management
  • HTML-5-based application support with SoC platform
  • Menu Lock for security in public settings
  • Wireless Display for seamless screen mirroring
  • Display control via LAN and RS232

Product Highlights

Effortless Source Control

Seamlessly switch between your preferred sources with integrated scheduler and failover scenarios for unparalleled user experience.

Advanced Visual Quality

Dive into vibrant visuals with HDR10 compatibility ensuring optimal content clarity and 4K HDMI support at 60Hz.

Smart Audio Performance

Revel in immersive audio enriched by Dolby’s cutting-edge DAP Technology for intelligent equalisation and enhanced surround sound.