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Extreme Series (XN)

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Size: 98"


24 Hours / 7 Days


3840 x 2160 (16:9) - UHD

Plug & Play




Internal Speakers



3 Years




Landscape or Portrait


500 cd/m²

Product Specifications

Features, Dimensions & Connectivity

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Specification Sheet

XN98 - Specification Sheet (Excel Download)

The Extreme Series presents an evolution in daisy chain technology, facilitating a smooth content mirroring between displays. This evolution culminates in the ability to establish a mesmerising Video Wall configuration, taking visual allure to new heights. Central to the series is the embedded USB Auto-Play feature, powered by SoC software. This feature ensures that media – be it photos or videos – are automatically showcased to perfection. Should the need arise, end-users can effortlessly display their media content, sidestepping complicated setups.

On the security front, the Extreme Series introduces fortified USB protection. Your USB and its precious content find refuge within the secure back cover of the display. Beyond merely guarding against physical interference, this security facet is accentuated by a protective screw mechanism, effectively barring unsolicited access.

Design-wise, the Extreme Series continues its commitment to subtlety and elegance. Ultra-narrow bezels dominate the aesthetic, trimming away superfluous elements and accentuating the content. Yet, this isn’t merely about visual elegance; each design element is meticulously crafted for digital signage. Internal USB covers, detachable power plugs, and IR extenders merge seamlessly, offering both form and function.

Incorporating feedback, the series unveils the Scheduler – a tool of paramount significance. With this built-in feature, tailor your display schedules, select varied sources, or even curate USB playlists, all aligned to the rhythms of the day.

The series doesn’t stop there. With the inclusion of the optional OPS slot, screens transform, brimming with enhanced processing prowess. Users are now spoilt for choice, with the flexibility to select between Windows and Android operating systems.

In a nod to integrative potential, the SoC supports an open API platform. This encourages solution providers and integrators to develop and integrate bespoke HTML5-based applications, maximising display utility.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Daisy Chain: Enables a unique Video Wall mode.
  • Fortified USB Security: Secured content and prevention against unsolicited access.
  • Seamless USB Auto-Play: Display media content with ease.
  • Sophisticated Design Elements: Tailored for digital signage.
  • Integrated Scheduler: Customise display routines and source selections.
  • Optional OPS Integration: Upgrade processing capabilities.
  • Open Platform for Developers: API support for HTML5 applications.

Elevate your visual experience with the new variant of the Extreme Series – a perfect marriage of sophistication and unparalleled functionality.

Product Highlights

Vibrant Display Experience

Experience mesmerising colours and clarity with the Vestal XN Series

Slim & Sleek Design

Boasting an incredibly slim profile, the Vestal XN Series seamlessly fits any setting

Precision-Crafted Edges

Meticulous craftsmanship ensures functionality meets aesthetics in every detail