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Extreme Series (XD)

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Size: 86"


16 Hours / 7 Days


3840 x 2160 (16:9) - UHD

Plug & Play




Internal Speakers



3 Years




Landscape or Portrait


410 cd/m²

Product Specifications

Features, Dimensions & Connectivity

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Our Extreme Series boasts an advanced daisy chain capability, allowing content to be seamlessly mirrored from one display to another. This unique function forms the foundation for monitors to be configured in an impressive Video Wall mode, enhancing visual impact. At its core, the series is armed with an SoC Software safeguard against the dreaded “No Signal” situation. Should a USB unexpectedly disconnect after content is queued for display, the system intuitively shifts to display a customized banner or scours for signals from alternative sources such as HDMI or Display Port. This intelligent failover feature ensures an uninterrupted and superior user experience.

Aesthetically, the Extreme Series champions a minimalist ethos with its ultra-narrow bezel design. This precision engineering eradicates any unnecessary distractions, channelling the audience's complete attention to the content. But it's not just about looks; the design is specifically sculpted for digital signage, featuring a concealed USB cover, easily detachable power plug, and an IR extender. The screen also comes equipped with a Pixel Shifting feature activated within the SoC. This cutting-edge technology mitigates the risks associated with static content and image sticking. With Pixel Shifting enabled, screen pixels subtly shift at intervals, maintaining the integrity of the visual experience.

For those craving even more power and flexibility, the series offers an optional OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) slot. This enhancement supercharges screens with superior processing capabilities, and the choice of Windows or Android as the operating system. Furthermore, the SoC supports an API (Application Programming Interface), inviting solution providers and integrators to craft and incorporate HTML5-based applications on our displays.

Key Features:

  • USB Auto-Play: Effortlessly display photo and video content.
  • USB Security: Guard your content within a secured back cover.
  • External Device Connections: Seamless integration with external devices via HDMI.
  • Display Control: Comprehensive control using RS232 commands in a LAN.

Dive into the future of visual displays with the Extreme Series – where sophistication meets functionality.

Product Highlights

Refined Design Edge

The refined and slim edge design of the VESTAL XD SERIES epitomises modern aesthetics

Precision Mounting

Engineered for versatility and durability, the VESTAL XD SERIES' side panel supports effortless mounting

Crystal-Clear Display

Dive into a vivid and crisp visual experience with the VESTAL XD SERIES display screen